Attn: Automobile Marketers – Cool Commercial Idea

Be excited: this post may very well be the first of a new series: Commercial Ideas.

As with my previous “new category” – Fresh Ideas – these are are a list of ideas that I have no immediate use for. Unless through a blog, I may have no real reason to write them down at all! But alas, my generosity shines through, revealing to the world a garden of fresh genius, ripe for the picking.


OK then, this one goes out to the world’s automakers:

A classy-looking man sits in his luxurious car, hands on the wheel, contented. As the car’s many comfortable features are rhymed off (in typical luxury-vehicle fashion), cameras pan across the dashboard, center console, and leather seats.

The car moves forward [viewers anticipate hasty acceleration], then stops after only a few feet. The camera pans back, slowly revealing the car in a long lineup at the Drive-Thru window.

“We’ve re-engineered the Drive-Thru line. Introducing the all-new blah blah blah, our most comfortable vehicle yet.”

The tagline needs some work, but I can see this being one of a series of commercials. One shot in bumper-to-bumper traffic, another in a lineup outside a theme park lot.

So that’s the idea. Feel free to bash or applaud as you see fit or, of course, pass to someone who is in a position to use it.

More later!

P.S. I think I’ll leave the Drive-Thru subject alone for a while…


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